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Your Tax Advisory Pro's: Bookkeepers, EA's, CPA's & Tax Attorney's. Our Clients Include Entrepreneurs, and Small & Medium Sized Businesses.

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Customers served!


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Customers served!


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At Elite 360, we are here to make your personal and business life a whole lot easier.

When it comes to handling your bookkeeping, financial records, financial statements, tax preparation and tax filings, our dedicated experts provide professional guidance and help you save time.

Let us free up your schedule so you can focus on what matters most.

  • PERSONALIZED ONBOARDING & Assigned Lead team member
  • One-on-one expert support
  • Accurate books & financials
  • monthly, quarterly, annual state & federal TAX FILINGS
  • Monthly P&L, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flow reports
  • Compliance & regulations
  • Scalability with flexible pricing plans.

People just like you, outsource bookkeeping to run, grow and sustain their businesses and personal finances.

We are entrepeneurs, business owners, home offices & start-ups.

Our clients place value on deliverables, costs, and accuracy.

“After 6 months of using Elite 360 bookkeeping and tax services, my rating could not be less than 5 stars. They are a great team to work with.  Accurate, dependable and timely.” David G.



100% Peace of Mind Guaranteed

Our commitment to excellence ensures that your financial data is handled with the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality. If you ever have any concerns or questions, our dedicated team is readily available to provide assistance and address your needs promptly. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we guarantee your satisfaction with our bookkeeping services.

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Outsourced Bookkeeping, Financials, Tax Preparation & Tax Filings | State and Federal

Why Not Consider Elite 360's Bookkeeping and Financial Services?

Our expertise, accuracy, and timely reporting ensure that you have the financial transparency, efficiency, and insights needed to make informed decisions to drive your business forward. Save time and money.


Professional bookkeepers are well-trained and experienced in handling financial records, ensuring accuracy and compliance with tax regulations.


Outsourcing allows you to reclaim valuable time that would otherwise be spent on administrative tasks. You can redirect your focus toward core business activities, such as growing your company or serving clients.


Hiring and training in-house staff for bookkeeping can be expensive in terms of salaries, benefits, and overhead costs. Outsourcing often proves to be a more cost-effective solution.


Experienced bookkeepers are less likely to make mistakes in record-keeping, minimizing the risk of financial discrepancies and potential penalties.


Outsourced bookkeeping services can adapt to your business's changing needs, whether you're expanding rapidly or looking to cut costs during slower periods.


Outsourcing providers often use advanced accounting software and tools, which can lead to increased efficiency and better financial insights.


Professional bookkeepers stay up-to-date with tax laws and financial regulations, reducing your risk of non-compliance issues.


By outsourcing routine bookkeeping tasks, you can concentrate on strategic decisions and growing your business, ultimately improving your company's overall performance.


Reputable outsourcing firms have robust security measures in place to protect your sensitive financial information, reducing the risk of data breaches.


External bookkeepers can offer an impartial perspective on your financial data, helping you make informed decisions based on accurate information rather than personal bias.


Outsourcing provides the flexibility to adjust services as your business evolves, making it easier to scale up or down based on your changing financial needs.


Knowing that your financial records are in capable hands can provide peace of mind and help you maintain a clearer perspective on your business's financial health.

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ENtrepeneurs & business start-ups - billed monthly



  • Up to $100,000 in sales
  • $450 on boarding fee is waived if billed annually for the first year 
  • Basic bookkeeping services
  • Documenting and categorizing transactions
  • Accounts receivables and accounts payables
  • 1099 reporting
  • Assessing your cash flow
  • Accounting software to manage your finances

Business Plan



Billed Monthly



Billed Yearly - ONE Month FREE!

  • Up to $500,000 in sales
  • Fixed pricing
  • Onboarding
  • Cash & accrual accounting
  • Accounts payable and receivables management
  • Transaction categorization
  • Expense reconciliation
  • Deferred revenue & prepaid expenses
  • Secured data import / export
  • Bank connectivity
  • Link to accountant
  • Accurate, tax ready financials
  • One company | no subsidiary's
  • Annual tax preparation and filings
  • Additional services such as monthly and quarterly tax preparation and filings, tax consultations, CPA oversight can be added

Business - Plus



Billed Monthly



Billed Yearly - ONE Month FREE!

  • Everything in the Busienss plan
  • Up to $1,000,000 in sales
  • Inventory & COGS 
  • Class & location tracking
  • Reconciliations for bank, credit cards
  • 1099 transactions
  • Bill & Invoice payment matching
  • Cash flow, budgeting and forecasting
  • Tax accountant / EA

Business - Pro Starts At



Billed Monthly



Billed Yearly - ONE Month FREE

  • Everything in Business - Plus
  • Up to $1,500,000 in sales.
  • Reconciliations for bank, credit cards & payment gateways
  • Multiple team members
  • CPA oversight
  • Federal & State tax filings
  • Tax Advisory with Tax Attorney
  • Company's with revenues over $1.5MM will be quoted a pricing plan.

What They Say

Several years ago I looked into outsourcing my company's bookkeeping so I could focus on growing my business. What I did not realize is that Elite 360's staff was able to show me ways I could streamline my bookkeeping accounting system. Elite 360 began providing me with monthly reports for my business's financial health score. It's like someone opened the window and let in a breath of fresh air. 5 STARS. 

E Golan

Manager | Partner

As a small business owner, I was always behind the eight ball with filing receipts, invoicing clients, managing receivables and the hassle of monthly bank reconciliations. A friend told me he's been outsourcing his bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparations for over five years. I found Elite360 to be very professional, approachable, and responds timely to my questions. My bookkeeping and financials are always on time. I highly recommend Elite360's services.  

T Speyer

Managing Partner

I have been working with Jason for over 8 years. As an elderly woman, sometimes I cannot hear very well, and Jason is very patient with me in explaining things and answering my questions. I never feel rushed, and he holds my hand through the tax filing process every year. I would never go anywhere else.

L. Gracia

Retired Professional

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